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Vandoren alt eboniet Java / Jumbo java


Vandoren alt eboniet optimum


Vandoren alt eboniet Traditional


Vandoren alt eboniet V16


Vandoren Alt Profile AP3


Alt-Sax 'Profile' AP3

Opening 158 (1/100mm)

Vandoren bariton eboniet Optimum


Vandoren bariton eboniet Traditional


Vandoren bariton eboniet V16


Vandoren Bas klarinet

vandorenbas klarinet

Vandoren Bb klarinet

M13 : Rich, colorful sound. Very precise response. Meets every demand.
M13 Lyre : More open, the same qualities as the M13, easier to play in the upper register. Its facing gives it a particularly pure sound.
M15 : Great articulation ease. Offers musicians a colorful spectrum of sound
5RV : The time-proven standard for professional musicians. Quality and tradition.
5RV Lyre : More open than the 5RV with a longer facing.
M30 Lyre : The 5RV Lyre with a larger tip opening and a longer facing guarantees flexibility and roundness. This mouthpiece has an exceptional quality of sound.
M30 : Its facing length gives it great flexibility, a good balance between timbre and roundness.
11.6 : Same sound qualities as the B45 with a smaller tip opening.
B46 : The mouthpiece best suited to musicians playing both clarinet and saxophone.
B40 Lyre : The perfect blend between a round sound and rich tone color. Easy blowing especially in the upper register.
B45• : Same technical characteristics as the B45 with a great blowing ease.
B45 : The universal mouthpiece. With an intermediate tip opening and a medium-long facing, it is appreciated by most clarinetists.
B40 : Same facing as the B45 with a wider tip rail, it produces a compact and centered sound.
B45 Lyre : Characterized by a particularly large tip opening, it offers a flexible, round sound and remains easy blowing.
5JB : THE jazz mouthpiece.
7JB : Mouthpiece for jazz and traditional music. Powerful and flexible sound